Ensuring the health and safety of our staff and clients alike!


We are taking the Covid-19 outbreak very seriously and are following the Government Guidelines. Whilst we are eager to get back to ‘normal’ and get our businesses back on track, under the new Covid-19 context is very different to how we used to previously operate.

Social Distancing – We realize that "convenience" is very important for you, but also "convenience" during this difficult times is not always "safe" as well.

Therefore we decided to adopt the appointment system primarily for both ladies and gents which will help us achieving the social distancing and hygiene standards recommended by the Government.

"Walk In’s" are welcomed pending on availability.

In order to remain open under these conditions, certain standards will need to be met to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients alike:

  • DEEP CLEAN DAILY - We will carry out a deep clean of the salon every day.
  • DISINFECT AFTER CLIENTS - After each client visit, we will reset and clean stations; rotate between different sets of equipment, making sure to properly disinfect all tools after each use.
  • SINGLE TOWEL USE - All towels and gowns will be single use only or disposable. All laundry will be washed after each use at 60 degrees.
  • NO FOOD, ONLY BEVERAGES - We are now able to offer hot beverages in disposable, recyclable cups. We ask that you only remove your face covering to have a drink. Please use the hand sanitizers provided. We are still unable to offer our coffee biscuits and we ask you not to bring your own food into the salon. We recommend you sanitize your hands before removing your mask to drink and ask you do this when your stylist is finished or a service is developing. Please then dispose of your cup in the bin provided. This is a temporary measure until the distance rules are amended or lifted by the Government.
  • OWN MAGAZINES - While no magazines will be available for the foreseeable future, clients are invited to bring their own reading material.
  • DON'T TOUCH RETAIL PRODUCTS - You will not be allowed to touch products in our retail area. Whilst this area will be cleaned regularly, it is still advisable in order to mitigate risk. If you are interested in purchasing a product, please ask a member of staff for help.
  • REDUCED CAPACITY - Our opening hours will be longer for the foreseeable future. This is so we can see as many of our clients as possible, as quickly as possible while following the social distance measures. This does mean a much reduced capacity for the salon at one time.
  • CASHLESS PAYMENT - Cashless payment are encouraged.

  • COME ALONE - Please come alone to your appointments unless you attend a young child. If you require assistance, please arrange this when booking.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME - Please do arrive on time to your appointment so as to not cause congestion in our waiting area and to help us maintain our strict booking system so as to follow social distancing measures. Lateness may result in you not being able to have your service.
  • WAIT OUTSIDE - On arrival, please wait outside until you are asked to enter, or only enter if the reception area is clear.
  • SANITIZE HANDS - Please sanitize your hands upon entering the salon. Hand sanitizer will be available at reception and throughout the salon for you to use.
  • TEMEPERATURE CHECK - You may be asked to have a temperature check.
  • MINIMAL BELONGINGS - Where possible please don’t bring a coat, or please place it in your bag close to you. Please bring minimal belongings.

  • TEST & TRACE – It is mandatory that we have your details on our system for track and trace. Please make us aware if your email or mobile number has changed. We have our QR code displayed for test and trace, if you have the NHS COVID-19 app, please scan your QR code on arrival.
  • PROTECTED TREATMENTS - Your stylist will be wearing the required PPE advised by the government, including aprons, a grade 2 mask and face shields while in close contact with a client. This may appear strange but it is to protect both clients and staff. PPE will be changed regularly according to the Government and the World Health Organisation guidelines.
  • SKIN TESTS - Skin tests are required 48hrs prior to a new colour service.
  • PRIOR CONSULTATION - Colour corrections will be on quotation and will require a consultation and strand test prior to the appointment. Please make us aware of what you have used on your hair. Before your appointment you must make us aware if you have coloured your hair during lockdown since you last visited to the salon. If you have coloured your hair, please let us know what you have used, if possible the empty box. It could result in us being unable to do your hair on the day if we haven’t been made aware prior to your appointment.

If you have had any Covid-19 symptoms prior to your appointment, please reschedule your appointment for when you're better.

Symptoms include - Coughing, Fever, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Headache, Lack of Taste or Lack of Smell.

We are pleased to be open again and provide you with good quality service.

Yours Sincerely,

The Salon Team