The Hairdressing Consultation

We strive to provide the very best service for our clients, so we always put your needs first. When you come in for a hair styling consultation we will discuss what you would like to do with your hair and what your ideal hairstyle and colour would look like. When we have established your haircare needs our expert hair technicians will give you their professional opinion about what haircut and styles would suit you best.

Whether you are growing out your current hair style or colour, keeping and trying to maintain your current look or looking for a total makeover, use our Hair Styling service to achieve impeccable results.

Hair Colouring Services

Everyone knows that restless feeling. You know you want a change but you just don't know where to start. You'd like to try out a lighter, darker or more vibrant hue, but need advice on how to achieve the right look. You want to try out a new colour but unsure about whether it will suit you or not. At XclussiveHair4U we will see to it that all your worries are put to rest and that you get the perfect hair colour that is just right for you.

Colouring your hair for the first time can be scary but it doesn't have to be!

Come visit our hair salon for a hair colour consultation to discuss the change you are considering. Our hair technicians will be able to give you expert advice on what will work for your hair and guide you through the hair colouring process.

When colouring your hair for the very first time, we highly recommend speaking to a trained hair technician first. At XclussiveHair4U we will be able save you from any first-time mistakes and guarantee a high quality, professional colour and finish, leaving your hair soft, glossy and easy to manage.

Even if you currently dye your hair, changing your hair colour can still be very challenging. You might crave a slight change of colour or decide to go much lighter or darker. Maybe you are also considering highlights and don't have the technical know how to do it yourself.

Dying your hair a different colour can be difficult because choosing the right colour that matches your skin tone and eye colour is not always that easy. We will be able to advise you on the colour that would be perfect for you. We will also be able to consult you on which kind of hair dye will suit your needs best. We offer both permanent and semi-permanent hair colour, and we will advise you on which one of these types of hair dye will be right for your hair type and the colour you would like to have.

We also offer corrective services for hair colour mistakes. Whether you have tried to colour your own hair and it has not come out as you had hoped or you have gone to another hairdresser and you are not satisfied with their work we will make sure that your hair colour dilemma is sorted out. We are experienced in correcting hair colour and will make sure to fix the issue as quickly as possible. It is important to remember that the corrective treatment might take time as we will only do what is best for your hair's health.

If you are interested in highlighting your hair, our specialists will advise you on the best treatment you will need in order to achieve your desired look. We will customize your highlight and lowlights to suit your hair type, texture and colour.

If you are looking to add depth and dimension to your coloured hair, a full head of highlights are not always the only way to go. Depending where they are placed, partial or face-framing highlights will create the illusion of a brighter or thicker hair.

Barbering Services

For over 25 years, Xclussive4U, has been and still is one of the most desired locations for men's haircuts and hair styling in Berkshire. Our top quality services and affordable prices means that our clients come back time and again to get that perfect trim.

Our hairdressers are all expertly trained in men's grooming. Whether it's a simple short back-and-sides or a more creative look you're after, our barbers will see to it that you get the ideal style you are after.