Come and indulge yourself with one of our Gel or Varnish Nail Treatments!

Trained in Bio Sculpture Gel, our nail technician will help you discover a healthier nail treatment. Bio Sculpture Gel is a product that can be applied over the natural nails, gel extensions or artificial tips.

Whether you are looking for a classic gel manicure or a party time style, we can ensure that precision and attention to detail will be our priority. Your nails will be strong but flexible with a neat and shiny appearance and will be complemented by men and women equally.

Having so many different nail systems on the market, you are probably having difficulty choosing the right one for you. Therefore we invite you into our salon to discover the Bio Sculpture® Gel System which is the only 5 star safety rated nail system with minimal dust, fumes and odours. This treatment can provide flexible and solid end results, has a complete range of natural nail care products for any nail plate condition and is easy to remove without the use of any power tool.

To help you make the right choice, here are the descriptions of some of the most required procedures:

Gel Overlays

This procedure includes shaping your nails, pushing back and removing excess skin from your cuticle, applying treatments in accordance to your nail health condition followed by the application of a Bio Sculpture Gel colour.

Nail Sculptures/Extensions

This procedure includes filing and tidying up your nails, extending the nail by sculpting with gel only or a combination of silk and gel and tidying up the cuticles followed by the application of a Bio Sculpture Gel colour.

Lavender Base Treatment

This procedure is recommended for flaking, peeling, layering or damaged nails. We shape your nails and tidy up the cuticles followed by the application of Bio Sculpture Gel and Lavender Base.

Manicure & Base Coat

This procedure includes filing, tidying up your cuticles and applying the Bio Sculpture Executive Base.

Manicure & Colour

This procedure includes filing, tidying up your cuticles, applying the Executive Base followed by a coloured varnish.